In June 2016 we started SEO and Portal Marketing for an Engel & Voelkers franchise on the Coast of Spain. (This page addresses the Google Places listings, you can see the complete SEO case study here.)

Part of our tasks was to optimise the Google My Business listing (also known as Google Places). After the initial success of our optimisation for their main office we were asked to optimise the listing for their new branch.

As the branch had literally just opened there was no Google Places (Google my business) listing, and so we has to start from zero.
We submitted their listing to Google, wrote the content and optimised the listing.

Below are images from Google’s search engine demonstrating some of the results.



To honour our clients’ wishes (they were concerned that their competition may back-engineer their Places success) the area names have been blacked out.



Many people believe that lots of positive reviews get you to the top of Google Places, however, as you can see from RentalPoint above, that’s not necessarily the case. There are also many instances of agencies with no reviews who are in position 1 (as seen in the first image).



Within a year the new Google Places/Google My Business listing receives an average of 2700 visits per month.
We are already ranking in the top 3 for various search terms in 5 different languages:
estate agency + area
real estate agents + area
agence immobilière + area
makelaar + area
Immobilien makler + area
Immobilienagentur + area

Aumento dei lead
Clienti aggiuntivi all’anno
Aumento delle entrate
Risparmio annuale di AdWords


In combination with Places, SEO, Lead Generation and other marketing channels we were able to provide each office with an additional 620 leads per year (a 500% increase) while saving them €9.600 on AdWords fees. Our attention to client acquisition and retention equated to a 300% increase in revenue.

Note: SEO is a team effort. The business owners who achieve the greatest rewards are the ones who really get behind us and make certain that our strategies are executed by their staff. A lot of the work we can do ourselves but the most effective results occur when the owners ensure that our guidelines (property descriptions, photos, portals uploads etc.) are followed.

We have had excellent success with all our clients in the past and will continue to work closely with them in the years to come to further strengthen their businesses and ensure they meet and surpass their financial goals.

Why use a real estate SEO specialist?

Real estate businesses are our specialty. We are very familiar with how these websites should be structured and how they should function. We understand what real estate agencies and their clients require from their websites and know how to boost the success of property portals, newsletters, social media etc.

Most Importantly: We drive targeted leads to real estate businesses, not just traffic!


As Google and other search engines continue to streamline their algorithms everything you do online needs to be original content carefully considered and 100% related to your niche. (For example: many Engel & Voelkers franchises don’t realise that they have critical duplicate content issues on their websites and this has a negative impact on their SEO).

Most SEO agencies offer a boilerplate, tick off the list approach to website SEO. It makes it simple for new staff members to fit in quickly and make sure the assembly line continues rolling. While this may work for some general niches this does not work for real estate agencies. In fact, many strategies like non-niche related back-link and content creation can actually do more harm than good.

The reality is that most Spanish SEO companies are not adept at real estate SEO and offer the same SEO strategy regardless of the Niche. In many cases, they push their paid search engine marketing services (PPC, Adwords, Facebook ads etc.) to compensate for the free organic traffic that they are not able to attract.


DID YOU KNOW? The average real estate company in Spain pays 5 times more for PPC (pay per click) advertising, like Adwords and Facebook, than our average client pays for our Marketing and Organic SEO services combined.


A professional real estate SEO service should know:

  • Your niche inside out.

  • The main languages your clients speak.
  • What information your clients actually want from your website.
  • The most profitable keyword phrases in all the different languages.
  • The best property portals for your area for the various languages.
  • How to boost traffic and, more importantly, how to generate and boost leads from that traffic.

  • How to use your micro-areas to boost your leads.
  • How to analyse your existing marketing and save you money by eliminating non-performing advertising.

  • How to Copywrite and restructure real estate content.

  • How to create a fully customised solution to best fit your company’s needs.


We have 15 years of experience and data collection in the Spanish Real Estate SEO sector.

We specialise in working with real estate agencies that deserve to be the number 1 in their area.
Helping them grow and scale using our proven SEO and Lead Generation skills.
If your real estate agency has potential get in touch.

We are known for getting Spanish real estate agencies the recognition they deserve bringing them new clients and helping them become the number 1 choice in their area.

By applying our unique and highly effective SEO and lead generation strategies we can take any Real Estate agency and drastically increase their exposure through a variety of services and strategies resulting in significant client growth in the next few months.

What we can do for real estate agencies is so effective that many companies start seeing results within a matter of a few months.

Due to the intensive and highly focused nature of this work we can only take a limited number of clients on an ongoing basis and criteria is strict to maintain our high work standard.

If you are a real estate agency interested in improving your reputation, getting more recognition and exposure, you are welcome to contact us.

Note: Due to current workload we are restricted to only 1 new client a month. Check the calendar at the bottom of our homepage for the next available opportunity.

Send us a message and let us know how we can help you …

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