Full SEO Report!

Increased leads & revenue is the goal.
This is not a stock standard industry audit that simply lists problems with your website like page load time, incorrect image URLs, structure etc. And how changing these can improve your traffic. Traffic is only one part of the puzzle (see our best practices page, and see our FAQs page).
In this report we show you everything that needs to be done to boost your lead generation and your revenue! We delve deep into the positive changes that can be made to your website content, your social media, property portals, google my business, newsletter, copywriting, etc. and what needs to be implemented in order to increase trust and authority, send the right social signals, strengthen conversion rates and ultimately increase your revenue.

SEO Report

100Ex VAT
  • Valid for 1 Spanish Real Estate Agency
  • Attention on how to boost your leads and revenue
  • Strategies to build your Authority and Brand Credibility
  • How to improve your conversion rates
  • Plus a full technical audit


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