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ImmoEdge can help you to:

  • Increase targeted website traffic and, more importantly, increase qualified leads.
  • Discover invaluable tips and techniques with our real estate SEO and marketing videos.
  • Save valuable time and money by using our free proprietary software.

Did you know?

With our SEO services we only take 1 client per area. Find out why here.

The Spanish real estate industry is our Forte:

We are SEO and Marketing specialists who work exclusively for real estate agencies in Spain. 

We understand:

  • Your business model
  • Your clientele
  • The types and differences between buyer keyword phrases in all the important languages.
  • How your website should be structured to create an optimal experience for clients and search engines
  • Which marketing works best for the real estate industry in Spain
  • Which property portals work best for your specific area
  • How to increase lead generation from the property portals
  • How your principal area’s sub-areas can be used to your advantage
  • What marketing is successful for your competitors

  • The related businesses in the area your potential clients are using – and the most advantageous collaborations

etc. etc.

Our knowledge about real estate SEO and marketing continues to be a key factor in the success (and the sustainability of that success) of all our clients.

How we work:

More Info About Our Services

Revealing SEO case study.

In just a few months we boosted the traffic of two Engel & Voelkers franchises in Spain from just a few hundred visitors a month to many thousands of free targeted visitors. In addition, we radically improved their lead generation and conversion rates. We can do the same for you!

But, most importantly:

Aumento dei lead
Clienti aggiuntivi all'anno
Aumento delle entrate
Risparmio annuale di AdWords


ImmoEdge Property Description Builder:








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The builder’s benefits

Average hours saved yearly
More leads generated


What our clients say:

You are geniuses

You achieved more in 3 months than what the others still hadn’t managed to do in 3 years.
I can’t say thank you enough for that. You are definitely the company I recommend.
We look forward to further strengthening our relationship.
Engel & Voelkers

Well Thought Out Strategies, Top Notch Team

Because ImmoEdge completely understood my industry it was easy to discuss strategies. I have worked with them for about four years primarily on organic SEO.
We are very satisfied with their customer service, and we have seen strong growth in website traffic.
Villas La Clau

Best Business Decision I’ve Made

I am beyond thrilled about how ImmoEdge has helped build my business from the ground up! I came to ImmoEdge over three years ago and using their SEO and marketing services is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Their lead generation currently brings in the majority of my new clients.
Villas Blanca

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